Anxious Minds | Together We Can Beat Anxiety and Depression

Anxious Minds is a charity that supports people suffering from various mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression. The charity was started by people suffering from anxiety and depression. They felt a lack of good quality, free support available to people that could be accessed at short notice. Anxious Minds see anxiety and depression suffering as a waste of life. Also, they believe that nobody should suffer alone just because they can’t afford to pay for treatment or have to stay on a waiting list.

Various Support Available

Anxious Minds provides lots of different types of professional support. This includes art therapy and counselling services. The counselling service offers many different types of such as person-centred counselling, psychotherapy and education-based peer support groups. These support groups help to teach people how to manage and overcome their conditions. Anyone can access this support as the programmes can be entered by self-referral. All support offered at Anxious Minds is education and research-based that has been proven to work through scientific studies.

“Together, we can beat these crippling disorders”

The charity expresses their understanding for knowing exactly what to do to start to make a recovery. Suffering from anxiety or other mental illnesses can mean years of feeling lonely and isolated. Anxious Minds don’t think it has to be that way. In the last decade, modern psychology has learned a lot about anxiety and depression. Both of these conditions are now highly treatable and can be reduced with the right treatment and support. Anxious Minds provides free confidential support for all sufferers of anxiety and depression, and other mental conditions. The charity focuses on preventing and dealing with stress. They encourage people to get control of their lives back while waiting for professional support and to start by treating yourself at home.

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