Barnabus Manchester

Homelessness is a major social issue that affects almost every urban city or town. Barnabus is a Manchester Christian Homeless Charity at the frontline of the homelessness crisis. The charity has provided a lifeline to rough sleepers and people affected by homelessness for over 25 years. Barnabus gives people dealing with the cruel reality of homelessness much needed practical help and support. This includes anything from food, clothing, showers and healthcare. The Manchester charity also offers a wide variety of creative and inspiring skill focused activities, such as volunteering and mentoring opportunities. This helps to increase confidence and skills, which can help people in difficult situations. Barnabas has a robust support team that also offer personalised one on one support which gives rise to several pathways for accommodation, rehabilitation and employment. This is thanks to the charity’s partnerships with corporations and social connections.

Fundraising in Lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown and the government limitations have reduced the ability of Barnabus to fundraise to get the vital support needed for rough sleepers and people experiencing homelessness. The coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted those struggling with homelessness as they are at a higher risk of infection due to their vulnerable situation. That is why it is even more important now to help charities like Barnabus to support the homeless in your community.

Despite the government restrictions, Barnabus has come up with creative ways that you could challenge yourself to fundraise. You could do a sponsored run, a press up or skipping challenge, shave your head, or challenge yourself to a readathon.

Christian at Heart

At its heart, Barnabus is a Christian charity. They wish to share God’s love by giving hope and support to those who are most in need and vulnerable in society. Barnabus believes that everybody has the right to live in their own home, the right to have a purpose in life and to be supported and surrounded by friends and family who care for them.

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