British Skin Foundation

The British Skin Foundation is a UK charity that raises money to fund research into all sorts of skin diseases, including skin cancer. The charity was found in 1996 and has supported over 400 research projects. With all of its collaborations, it has been awarded £16,000,000 in funding across each o the skin diseases they study.

Greater sun exposure and people living longer has resulted in various kinds of skin cancers being developed and spread. The charity is working with professors from universities to research the insides of skin cancer cells. The makeup of the cells and the changes in the proteins of the cells help determine which ones are more contagious. Being able to discover why some of the cells change can help greatly with the fight to stop skin cancers spreading easily.

 Prevention of skin cancers

One of the most effective ways of preventing skin cancers to develop is the close care and observation of your skin. Sunscreen is one of the useful cosmetics which help combat any damage applied to the skin. Rays of sunlight contain ultraviolet rays which damage the skin and a lot of these sunscreens contain a new set of chemicals that have clear advantages over current sunscreens that are available. The charity is working with a number of universities and their senior lecturers to look into finding better solutions.

The lack of sunscreen can only lead to sunburn which could lead to some dangerous skin cancers. The British Skin Foundation has contributed a lot to leading national studies for organisations that work to building UK Dermatology Clinical Trials Network. A lot of training has been provided for the next generation in regard to current breakthroughs in studies surrounding the skin. Also, a larger number of treatments are being pushed through which looks hopeful for tackling a lot of skin problems.

Skin issues are a visible issue which can lead to social isolation and people feeling alienated due to their appearance. The British Skin Foundations knows that there should be easier access for patients with skin problems to get the help they want and not feel weird about enquiring.

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