Bullying UK

Bullying UK – formerly known as Bullying Online is a charity that was found in 1999 and is based in the United Kingdom. The charity focuses on providing a platform to support schools, pupils and parents with tackling bullying inside and outside school environments. The charity uses a website that allows anyone to pick up advice. There is also advice available for pupils who are bullies.


The Rise of Social Media

With the rise of social media, the use of internet has allowed people from all backgrounds to reach each other with ease. Whilst there are huge benefits to improving networking, it has bred negative aspects to joining in communication with strangers. ‘Trolling’ involves the harassment and abuse of people on the internet. This has led to many people being bullied through

BELCHATOW POLAND – MAY 02 2013: Modern white keyboard with colored social network buttons.

apps such as: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp.

The impacts of these actions can cause huge consequences as it has led to people causing self-harm, developing depression and all sorts of other issues.


Bullying UK provides a service that is completely free and runs off donations. Recent significant funders include the Royal Mail and Simplyhealth. Organisations such as schools and individuals can use fundraising events to also help support the work by the charity. The charity has shown its defiance towards the government and its schemes for anti-bullying. The director, Liz Carnell has been a regular contributor to debates and discussions surrounding bullying on different national media platforms. An annual report has found that a fifth of young people in the UK have been bullied in the past 12 months. The children’s commissioner for England stated that “more needs to be done” in regard to the statistics shown for bullying. With the awareness being raised with charities such as Bullying UK, it can only shine more light onto these pressing issues which affect the livelihood of not only children, but our whole society.


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