Carers Trust

Carers Trust is a registered charity that aims to improve support, services and recognition who has to live with the challenges of caring, unpaid, for a family member or loved on who is physically or mentally ill or has addiction problems. This charity works to ensure that information, advice and practical support is available to every carer across the United Kingdom. Carers Trust raises awareness for the nearly six million people who are carers in the UK by giving them a voice and highlighting their work to the public.

Campaigning for Policy Change

A big part of the work done by Carers Trust is campaigning for a change for unpaid carers. It is an important and powerful part of influencing change for unpaid carers. Some of Carers Trust’s campaign include ‘Young Carers Awareness Day’ and ‘Partnerships Working’. These campaigns are just some of the many that have influenced policy changes in the UK for unpaid carers.

Carers Trust was heavily involved in the passing of the Care Act and Children and Families Act 2014. By working with former care minister, Paul Burstow, Carer’s Trust was able to review how the Act was working and what still needed to be improved.

A Practical Benefit to Unpaid Carers

Alongside their Network Partners, the charity is able to provide access to desperately needed breaks, information and advice and education, training and employment opportunities for unpaid carers. Carers Trust helps carers to maintain their own health and wellbeing. Carers Trust is the largest provider of comprehensive support services. These services reach more than 443,000 carers, including more than 34,000 young carers. They also help support them so that unpaid carers do not feel isolated in doing caring for their loved ones. Carers Trust also runs play and support schemes for young carers, so that they don’t miss out on their youth while taking care of their dependants.

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