Catch 22 – A Social Business

Catch 22 is a non-profit business with a social mission. In 1788, The Philanthropic Society was formed with the aim to unite the spirit of charity with the principles of trade. When a group of concerned citizens met in a coffee house to find a solution to a problem they witnessed all around their city: homeless children begging and stealing on the streets. Their answer to this issue was to open homes children in need could train with skilled tradesmen. The charity’s ideas still impact the lives of children today in Catch 22’s children’s homes and apprenticeship schemes.

Catch 22’s Vision

Catch 22 believe that everyone needs the same three things to thrive: people, place, and purpose. The charity believes that access to these three basic things is fundamental to transforming the lives of children in need. If children have stable places to live, real human connections and something meaningful to do, they will be able to build better lives for themselves and their families. This also acts as a deterrent to crimes and gang culture that prevails in society today. Finding a purpose, like an apprenticeship, education or training, can positively contribute to a child’s life. Catch 22 also ensures that their services are provided by a positive network of good people.

The Impact of Catch 22

Catch 22 have been a charity for 200 years and have made a considerable impact on the lives of countless children and their families. In 2017/18, the charity supported over 64,000 people through their 123 services all over the UK. The charity consists of 1,689 colleagues and is supported by 122 volunteers. These people deliver frontline public services, while also pushing towards public service reform. Catch 22 aims to invest in programmes that do things differently and change the system for good.

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