Different ways celebrities are helping during this coronavirus pandemic

From supporting small charities to donating to food banks, celebrities have found various ways to donate to those who are vulnerable and in need. While there is the standard provision of lump sums to charities, other celebrities have added a more personal touch by directly handing out money to some of their fans. Here we’ll show some of the most famous people, from Justin Bieber to Oprah, and their methods of supporting people in need.


Justin Bieber

The popstar donated £23,500 to a charity in Beijing when the disease first broke out in China. At the time, Justin shed light onto the unfortunate outbreak and voiced out that he and others were fully behind aiding China and its efforts to mitigate the spread.


Lady Gaga

The singer, Lady Gaga announced that her beauty brand HAUS would be donating 20% of its profits to food banks. This feat was an incredibly helpful gesture as many people have struggled with securing groceries.



James McAvoy

The IT actor has provided over £250,000 to the NHS campaign which pushes towards personal protective equipment. Masks for NHS Heroes has received a lot off donations across the UK and continues to push forward as protective equipment is at a high demand at the moment. Posting on Instagram, he left a caption highlighting the cause towards his donation.  “Nurses and doctors have described a lack of personal equipment. Caring for people with COVID-19 without access to proper masks, gowns and gloves puts themselves and others at risk.”



Of all the celebrities that have donated during the virus outbreak, Oprah has donated one of the largest amounts. She made a $10 million contribution to relief efforts which go towards American cities which are heavily hit with the infection and major food banks in America.


Many celebrities have joined in with the aid efforts and have been incredibly helpful. Majority of the donations are going towards charities which are focusing their works towards health care and food provision for the people in need. These celebrities have really made their mark in being a help in society.

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