Supporting Charities during Coronavirus Lockdown

Since Boris Johnson’s dramatic address to the nation, in which he called for a virtual lockdown of the country, a clearer picture of the toll the novel coronavirus will take on people is emerging. Apart from the deaths, attempts to contain the outbreak have brought life and business to a standstill. While the government has pledged its support to workers and the most vulnerable, can the system cope? In his address, dated March 23, Boris Johnson insisted that now is the time for everyone to take up the cause of protecting the NHS, by stemming the spread of the disease. On March 24, the NHS issued a statement “rallying the troops,” in search of a 250,000-strong volunteer army to take on the war on coronavirus. Now more than ever, as the nation reels from the impact of coronavirus, it’s time for us to be supporting charities.

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has pledged £1 million in small grants to small charities for projects related to the coronavirus pandemic. Lewis has revealed he will be releasing the funds from his personal charity which was established with £10 million in 2012. The £1 million figure will be available in grants of £5,000 and £20,000.

The funding is intended to support food banks and charities offering community aid or financial advice. Steve Morgan, founder of the Flintshire-based housebuilder Redrow, has pledged donations of £1 million per week to help fight the “war on coronavirus.” His foundation will focus on key areas including north Wales, Merseyside and Cheshire.

At a time when uncertainty prevails, threat to life looms large and big businesses are closing their doors, supporting charities may prove pivotal. At Supporting Charities we’ve assembled a list of charities supporting the most vulnerable, that could do with your help the most:

Age UK, Compliments of the House, Beauty Banks, Sufra, Mind, The Trussell Trust, Action Homeless, Little Village and Opening Doors London.

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