The Mayor of Greater Manchester’s Charity – Covaid-19: Helping the vulnerable in Manchester

The Mayor of Greater Manchester’s Charity was registered in October 2018 and officially launched in April 2019. With Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham fronting the campaign, the charity’s top priority was the issue of rough sleeping and homelessness in Manchester. However, the charity’s broader objective of tackling social issues in Greater Manchester and the vulnerable people they affect allows trustees to support other charitable causes. Representing the community that they are selected to serve, the Mayor of Greater Manchester’s Charity trustees come from private and public sector backgrounds.

In partnership with the Manchester Evening News, the Mayor of Greater Manchester’s Charity has launched an emergency response fund to help the community’s most vulnerable through the Covid-19 pandemic. Named “Covaid-19,” the campaign’s slogan is “helping the vulnerable in Manchester.”

This week, the Manchester Evening News reported that the Covaid-19 appeal reached the milestone of raising £20,000. Offering a range of packages to donors, the Covaid-19 seeks to provide support where it is needed more. A £10 donation will provide weekly companion calls to elderly people, or a box of toys and puzzles to keep children entertained.

Earlier this month, a depot where supplies for the most vulnerable during the pandemic, worth over £10,000, were being stored was ransacked by thieves. Essential items including nappies, children’s sun cream and food were stolen during the Bank Holiday weekend. The supplies had been collected through donations from the public and were destined for those in desperate need of support. Charity volunteers discovered the theft when they arrived at the depot, located on Swan Street, on the Monday following the weekend. Tim Heatley, chair of the charity, told the M.E.N., “The depot is run by volunteers and they have worked so hard to stack, pack, label and batch everything. Then in one weekend thieves trash it all for their own personal gain.”

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