Manchester Charities Supporting Older People through Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic, and resulting lockdown, has brought the country to a standstill and the economy on its knees. After the NHS, the private charity sector has been hardest hit. With millions of older people ordered to a strict 3-month isolation period, they have little hope of support but these very charities. However, with resources stretched, many charities stand before an uncertain future and need support more than ever before. On April 8, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced a charity support package worth £750 million. With bigger charities furloughing up to two-thirds of their staff, smaller charities are struggling to stay afloat.


In response to the coronavirus outbreak, CEO of Age UK issued a statement detailing how the charity is responding to the coronavirus pandemic. Mobilising local Age UK centres across the nation, the charity has launched a £10 million emergency appeal. Using local partners, enhancing telephone support services, while face to face support remains limited, Age UK remains very much on the frontline and in need of support.

Tax Volunteers

Tax Volunteers is a registered charity and independent company limited by guarantee. The primary service the charity provides is called Tax Help for Older People. Under the auspices of the charity, tax volunteers support older people on lower incomes with free, independent and expert advice on their tax affairs. With a national network of approximately 500 volunteers, the charity offers support to those who are unable to afford expert advice.

Manchester Care and Repair

Manchester Care and Repair is a registered charity that supports older and disabled people by increasing their independence and improving their quality of life. From general repairs, such as roof and gutters repairs and windows and door repairs, to home modifications, Manchester Care and Repair serve the whole Greater Manchester area.

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