Manchester’s One Formula LLP Supporting Animal Welfare, Knife Crime and Cold War Tank Museum Charities

Manchester’s One Formula LLP brings together a financial advisor, city trader, insurance advisor, ex-Wales international rugby player and a former police officer. The powerful business conglomerate, specialising in tax efficiency, tax relief regulations and securing tax rebates has announced its support for several local charities. Local charities receiving the support of One Formula LLP include an animal welfare charity, a knife crime charity and a Cold War tank museum charity. With a diverse portfolio of business interests, the group of financial experts has pledged its support for an equally diverse set of causes. “We believe in giving back to the community, to the most vulnerable, the most under threat and those who have given the most for the freedom we enjoy today,” said one senior executive from One Formula LLP.

Animal Welfare Charity

“Dogs are a man’s best friend and cats aren’t far behind either,” said a spokesperson for One Formula LLP, during the partnership’s announcement of support for charities. “We’ve carefully studied the animal welfare charity sector and identified gaps where our support could prove most useful,” he added. “Thus, we’re in the advanced planning stage for a dogs and cats shelter, as current facilities just don’t suffice,” the spokesperson added.

One Formula to Tackle Knife Crime

“Knife crime is an issue which has struck at the very heart of the nation. Not a day goes by without a story of new incident of violent crime or a shocking knife attack. In recent months, the spate of stabbings in Manchester has increased exponentially. At One Formula LLP we feel it’s time we took the bull by the horns,” the spokesperson added.

One Formula’s Cold War Tank Museum

“Among our ranks, we have an avid tank collector with one of the world’s most secretive and extensive Cold War tank collections. He’d prefer to stay unnamed, but rather than keeping them to himself, he has kindly stepped forward to offer the public views at his pride and joy. We’re keeping the Cold War Tank Museum’s location top secret for now, but will be announcing a grand reveal in due course,” the One Formula LLP spokesperson added.

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