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The mental health charity Mind was founded in 1946 as the National Association for Mental Health (NAMH). Its main aim is to support and offer information to people suffering from mental health problems. The National Association for Mental Health was formed by the unification of three entities: Central Association for Mental Welfare, the National Council for Mental Hygiene and the Child Guidance Council. In 1972 the name MIND was introduced, which was changed to Mind in the 1990s. Mind is based in Stratford, London, and headed by president Stephen Fry. It administers almost one hundred and fifty local associations, which comprise independent, affiliated charities. The charity offers various services including supported housing, care homes, drop-in centres and self-help support groups.

Mind Today

According to the most recent available data, Mind helplines answered 76,323 queries. Furthermore, the mental health charity’s information was accessed by almost eleven million people. Over the 2018/2019 period, Mind assisted 40,000 people with mental health problems, while reaching 20,000 young people through new initiatives to improve mental health in schools. Also, working with employers, Mind helped inform and support 775,000 people regarding issues related to mental health in the workplace. Furthermore, local Mind affiliated services helped 396,000 people with mental health related issues. Through its programme to encourage peer support, Mind also reached more than 124,000 people enabling better understanding from the experiences of others.

Mind’s Campaigns

Time To Change – Working alongside the organisation Rethink Mental Illness, this campaign is England’s most ambitious attempt to end the stigma and discrimination faced by people suffering from mental health problems.

English Football League Partnership – As an official charity partner of the EFL, Mind works with football players and football fans to raise awareness about mental health.

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