The Most Charitable Footballers

Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace)

Throughout the whole of 2019, Wilfried Zaha’s philanthropy continued. Amid a protracted transfer saga, the Crystal Palace winger was often the subject of many headlines. Despite this, his philanthropic work did not go unnoticed. In October last year, the 26 year old Ivory Coast native won an award for his charity work. At the Best of Africa Awards 2019, Zaha was given the Best of Africa Award for Philanthropic Endeavour. Among many charitable gestures, this award was given to him for his regular donations of ten per cent of his wages to charity. In a charitable gesture which has spanned his whole football career, the Crystal Palace frontman said, “I’ve given ten per cent of my wages, from my first wage, back home to anyone who doesn’t have anything, anyone less fortunate, the other who are just by themselves.”

Juan Mata (Manchester United)

In 2017, Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata started a charity by the name of Common Goal, alongside Jurgen Griesbeck and Thomas Preiss. While donating themselves, the charity founders have encouraged other super-rich footballers and managers to contribute. Since the establishment of the charity, a total of one hundred and twenty-two footballers and managers now donate one per cent of their monthly wage to the charity. Common Goal supports a number of non-governmental organisations focussed on sports around the world. These organisations include SportForLifeUK, the Cameroon Football Development Programme and the One World Play Project.

Hector Bellerin (Arsenal)

Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin hit the headlines in June 2017 after making a massive donation to those affected by the Greenfell Tower fire. After eight years playing for Arsenal, Bellerin has spoken of being moved by the Grenfell Tower tragedy, which took place a mere seven miles from the club’s Emirates Stadium. As part of his pledge, he offered to donate £50 for every minute he played in the Under-21s European Championship. After playing a total of 381, Bellerin made a donation of £19,050 to charity.

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