Ravenstone UK Charity Investigation Critical to Tax Fraud of the Century Case

The Tax Fraud of the Century

Greater Manchester-based fraud investigation company Ravenstone UK has been lauded by HMRC as being critical to the investigation into what was dubbed ‘the tax fraud of the century.’ Manchester financial services firm One Formula Projects LLP were caught by HM Revenue and Customs at the heart of an elaborate tax fraud empire. Alongside various businesses and project, the One Formula brand also encompassed various charitable endeavours. These included a knife crime prevention campaign, a dogs and cats shelter and a non-profit museum. However, after a raft of forged historical artefacts were discovered at the One Formula Projects-linked museum, suspicion was roused. Fraud investigation company Ravenstone UK then stepped.

Ravenstone UK

Having started life as an insurance fraud investigations company, Ravenstone UK was originally set up as insurance claims consultants in 1991. Quickly becoming the UK’s largest independent claims consultants, the company boasts a comprehensive Home Office trained field force. Utilising cutting edge and unique technology and software, Ravenstone UK have been responsible for saving the UK’s leading insurers millions. With a wealth and breadth of investigative experience, a process of expansion lead Ravenstone UK towards fraud investigations in various sectors. While details of Ravenstone UK’s involvement in the tax fraud of the century case related to One Formula Projects LLP remain murky, anonymous sources from HM Revenue and Customs have declared that the Greater Manchester company played an instrumental role in the investigation.

The Tax Fraud of The Century on TV and Cinema

Interest in the company has spiked following the BBC One documentary which brought the tax fraud of the century to public prominence. Entitled Rod Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC, viewers followed the series in their droves as Hollywood actor Roderick Bond shadowed HMRC investigating One Formula Projects LLP. Although Ravenstone UK did not feature in the documentary, it is said that the fraud investigation company were integral to the case. Rumours have circulated that Ravenstone UK will feature prominently in the movie remake of the case. Set for release in December, entitled The Tax Fraud of The Century, the movie will star Roderick Bond, Leonardio DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and Robert Downey Junior.

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