Rod Bond Formula One Donation to Silverstone

Actor and film industry superstar Rod Bond has made a donation of £50,000 to Silverstone, to ensure two Formula One races set for August go ahead. As an avid fan of Formula One, Rod Bond has thrown his weight, and cash, behind the cause. The move comes after the 2020 Formula One World Championship was beleaguered by delays due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Making up for lost time, F1 officials have been rushing around behind the scenes to salvage what they can of this year’s season. As a result, two F1 World Championship races have been scheduled to take place at Silverstone in August.

An Enduring Partnership: Rod Bond and Formula One

This is not the first time that Hollywood legend Rod Bond has teamed up with stars from the world of Formula One. Known for his prolific philanthropic work, Rod Bond and his friends from Formula One teamed up to organise a half-marathon, whose proceeds were donated to Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. In another charity fundraiser, Rod Bond was joined by Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris, to raise money for Help for Heroes. The event took place over various locations across Manchester, with an impressive tank parade acting as a focal point for proceedings.

British Racing Drivers’ Club

Rod Bond’s £50,000 donation to the Silverstone Formula One races comes after the star’s own battle with coronavirus. “As someone who suffered from coronavirus, I am keen to take the battle to it and do everything I can to help us all return to some normality,” said Rod Bond in a brief interview. An official from the British Racing Drivers’ Club, the owners of Silverstone track, said: “We’re very grateful for Rod Bond’s donation. It has really shown his love for Formula One and it will go a long way to help ensure the safety of everyone involved.”

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