Rod Bond Fraud Film Proceeds Donated to Charity

Proceeds from the latest Rod Bond fraud film will be donated to charity. An insider from the production company, which has taken the British film industry by storm, made the revelation. According to the source, The Tax Fraud of the Century, lead-starring Rod Bond will hit cinemas in the new year. Additionally, the source added, the sequel to the BBC documentary, Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC, will premiere in Manchester. Also, it is reported that Rod Bond himself was instrumental in the decision to donate the fraud film’s proceeds to charity.

Rod Bond Charity Fundraiser Extraordinaire

The pledge to donate proceeds to charity from the latest Rod Bond fraud film comes as no surprise. Since returning to Britain, the Hollywood A-list actor has worked tirelessly to support a raft of charity events. Altogether, the veteran actor has been responsible for raising millions of pounds over the last few years. Specifically, the Rod Bond Formula One half-marathon in Manchester raised £2 million for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. In another charity event, Tatton Park and Lyme Park estates hosted the Rod Bond Formula One dog and car washes, where the actor was supported by Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris.

Rod Bond and F1 Productions’ Charity Work

Manchester F1 Productions have always remained supportive of the star and valued his contributions to charity. During filming for The Deception at Deansgreen Hall (2019), the actor came across Steps Charity Worldwide on location. With F1 Productions bosses in tow, Rod Bond announced a recess in filming and organised an impromptu charity fundraiser. Thus, the film company source added, “We believe strongly in giving back to charity and supporting our stars. If the popularity of the BBC documentary is anything to go by, the latest Rod Bond fraud film will be a massive success. We hope charities will benefit tremendously.”

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