Roderick Bond and F1 Production Pledge New Movie Proceeds to Charity

Actor Roderick Bond and Manchester F1 Productions have announced that they will be donating 50% of profits from their latest movie to charity. After suffering from coronavirus and being treated at NHS Nightingale Manchester, Roderick Bond has made much of his support for the NHS. Manchester filming company F1 Productions have supported the actor in making the pledge to donate half of the film’s profits to charity. The move comes against the backdrop of considerable charity work conducted by the pairing in the past. For example, during filming for his last movie, The Deception at Deansgreen Hall (2019), Roderick Bond and F1 Productions halted production to organise a fundraiser for Cheshire-based charity Steps.

The Fraud of the Century

Marketed as a sequel to the popular BBC One documentary Rod Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC, the new movie is based on a multimillion-pound tax fraud empire. During filming for the BBC documentary, Roderick Bond accompanied HMRC officials as they investigated Manchester-based financial firm One Formula Projects LLP. A forensic investigation into what was dubbed by investigators ‘the fraud of the century’ played out on national television, with Roderick Bond turning sleuth alongside HMRC officials.

In an interview from February this year, Rod Bond described his inspiration for the movie. “There was a lot of material that we had to leave out of the documentary, such as exploring the lives of the fraudsters, their supercar lifestyles and the lavish Cheshire country properties they invested in,” said Rod Bond.

One Formula Projects LLP

Broadcast weekly on BBC One, Rod Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC delved into the world of tax fraud, tax evasion and how scammers acquire fraudulent tax reliefs. In the extremely popular series, Manchester-based financial firm One Formula Projects LLP quickly became the focus.

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