Save the Family Ltd

Save the Family is a charity which provides accommodation for families that are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Save the Family is situated on the fringes of Chester in a modern, multi-purpose facility. The residential accommodation within Chester includes a sports community hall, a children’s centre, gardens and other training facilities. There are a total of 32 self-contained residential units in the area for deprived families. The charity also serves families that carry complex needs which may lead to a family struggling financially. A huge part of their mission is to cater for all people combating poverty despite their age. Buildings and facilities are also offered to people in need as the charity also focuses on developing basic life and social skills to enable families to get back to their former social status.

Homelessness is a rising problem for the UK as the number of families without a home has increased by 11 per cent. From this, statistics show that the numbers of children living in temporary accommodation are alarmingly high as it reached over 120,000 – up 83 per cent since its lowest point in June 2011. It is clear that there is a strain in the number of social houses available and the government have yet to make drastic changes to accommodate for families that cannot afford expensive rent. Nevertheless, charities like Save the Family are around to provide for these families that are in desperate help due to these social pressures.

Save the Family works with many other organizations to tackle plenty of various problems within families. The main issues the charity likes to address are:

  • Domestic Abuse
  • Alcohol & Substance Misuse
  • Debt
  • Mental Health
  • Child Protection

The Values

The values that surround the charity are compassion, respect, empowerment, aspiration, trust and excellence. When supporting people these principles are vital in bringing back the integrity of the family. The core values provide a solid framework that allows everyone associated with the charity to work towards its main goals.

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