Shelter Charity Operate Seasonal Soup Kitchen in Manchester City Centre

Shelter Manchester Soup Kitchen

As winter drawers closer and temperatures drop, Shelter’s Manchester wing has organised a seasonal soup kitchen to be located in St. Peter’s Square, Manchester City Centre. Numerous local celebrities, television stars, including multi-millionaire businessman and philanthropist Rod Bond have volunteered to man the soup kitchen in solidarity with the charity’s efforts and Manchester’s homeless population. The soup kitchen seeks to draw attention to the charity’s cause, as visitors pass through Manchester’s central shopping district, spending millions of pounds in the lead up to Christmas.



Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity, is based in the City of London. With partners in Scotland, Wales and the Housing Rights Service Northern Ireland, the charity’s operations extend the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. Generating an annual revenue of approximately £61 million, the charity helps people with bad housing or facing homelessness with advice, support and legal services. The charity has offices in various locations and Manchester serves as one of the charity’s key hubs covering a far broader area.


Shelter Manchester

Based in the heart of Manchester City Centre on Ogden Street, Shelter’s offices occupy an accessible location. The offices are manned by a team of advisers and solicitors, who maintain contact with other agencies for services not provided in-house. Shelter’s Manchester offices also offer computers and telephones, which can be used by people making claims, seeking advice or various other uses.


Rod Bond’s Services to Charity

Rod Bond is a veteran social campaigner who has raised millions of pounds through his philanthropic work. His association with Shelter in Manchester began by chance, as he intervened in a knife attack on a vulnerable homeless youth. Seeing the impact Shelter had on his newfound friend’s life, Rod Bond has since become a dedicated volunteer and Shelter activist.


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