Size of Wales Charity

The Size of Wales charity is a unique initiative based in Wales that works towards sustaining an area of the tropical forest that is the size of Wales. An ‘area of the size of Wales’ is often used to measure the rate of forest destruction. This charity, Size of Wales, are trying to turn around the negative use of the country’s size on its head. Thanks to outstanding support from Wales, Size of Wales has successfully reached its main target. This was to protect 2 million hectares of forest, aka the size of Wales, in 2013. Since achieving this target, the charity has been working towards doubling this impact. Size of Wales encourages the people of Wales to help to tackle climate change by taking small but significant positive changes. The charity also works with and supports schools and businesses to raise funds for the cause and raise awareness of the importance of forests in tackling climate change.

What does Size of Wales do?

Size of Wales raises the awareness of how vital the tropical forests are for us and our climate as well as for the wildlife and the people who live there. The charity works with businesses, governments and communities in Wales and links them with specific tropical forest areas. This teamwork helps to raise funds for the projects working to conserve those areas and doubling their fundraising efforts with the Size of Wales match fund.

Does Size of Wales plant trees in Wales?

Yes! The charity is always increasing the forest cover in Wales. There are many charity organisations which are actively protecting Wales’ native forests. From the climate perspective and for poverty reduction, the frontline of deforestation is mainly and in the tropics. Still, the charity has taken the initiative to donate two trees in the name of every child born in Wales after 2014.

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