The Yemen Humanitarian Crisis: What You Can Do to Help

The Yemen war has waged on for years and has resulted in the worst humanitarian crisis the world has seen. Thousands of children die every day in Yemen from acute starvation and millions have suffered from the outbreaks of deadly cholera disease. The Saudi Arabian and Saudi-backed forces have essentially starved Yemen leading to this dire humanitarian crisis. The Saudi-backed government forces in Yemen have used blockades to keep humanitarian aid from reaching areas in Yemen that are controlled by the Houthis, this includes the capital of Yemen. Yemen, already the poorest country in the Arab region before this war, now faces an even worse humanitarian situation. Despite daily air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition on innocent people in Yemen, some humanitarian aid groups have managed to reach parts of the country. It is important to raise awareness on this issue in the media and help in any way you can. Here are some groups that you can donate to help the people of Yemen during this dark time.

  1. Save the Children

Save the Children provides children in Yemen with education and safe places to be. Over 75 per cent of schools in certain parts of Yemen have been destroyed by the war. Save the Children trains teachers and creates temporary learning spaces, while also providing cash and food vouchers.

  1. Islamic Relief USA

The Islamic Relief USA charity delivers food, clothing and medical supplies to thousands of people in Yemen. They also aid by providing health screening, farming supporting and business training. These are essential for building a future for Yemen after this humanitarian crisis.


  1. The International Rescue Committee

This international organisation provides medical training, supplies and medication to hospitals in Yemen. These are essential for the millions of people struggling with malnutrition and starvation, as well as the various disease outbreaks that have occurred.

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