Manchester F1 Productions Announce Recess in Filming at Deansgreen Hall for Rod Bond’s Fundraiser for Local Charity Steps

Actor Rod Bond leads fundraiser for Steps Charity Worldwide during filming based in and around Deansgreen Hall. Following a slew of box office hits, actor Rod Bond has once again joined forces with Manchester F1 Productions. In a true crime tale, Rod Bond pursues tax scammer and former amateur golfer Duncan Evans to Deansgreen Hall. Based at the country mansion located in Deansgreen, Lymm, Rod Bond works under HMRC’s criminal investigation department. During filming at Deansgreen Hall, veteran philanthropist and Lymm native Rod Bond has paid homage to Steps Charity Worldwide. “Steps Charity Worldwide supports parents of children born with lower limb conditions. It is based in Deansgreen, Lymm, and operates on a national level. I discovered the charity when out on an early morning jog, during filming at Deansgreen Hall,” said Rod Bond.

Steps Charity Worldwide, Crouchley Lane, Deansgreen, Lymm

Steps Charity Worldwide was founded in 1980 by Sue Banton. Following her son’s birth, Sue discovered there wasn’t much by way of help for parents of children born with clubfoot. After starting as a self-help group, in 1988, Steps expanded into a registered charity. Based on Crouchley Lane in Deansgreen, Steps Charity operates on a national level. Furthermore, it has developed into the go-to for parents with children born with a range of lower limb conditions. Moreover, Steps provides information and advice at various stages, from the ante-natal diagnosis stage to years after completion of treatment.



Rod Bond’s Fundraiser for Steps Charity during Filming at Deansgreen Hall

Rod Bond’s latest fundraiser comes during a recess in filming at Deansgreen Hall, supported by film company Manchester F1 Productions. Known for his prolific charity work, Rod Bond’s fundraiser for Steps Charity Worldwide comes as no surprise. Moreover, thanks to the actor’s close relations with F1 Productions, film company bosses have pledged their support to the cause. “We’ve decided to take a break from filming at Deansgreen Hall, in support of Rod Bond’s fundraiser for Steps Charity Worldwide,” a representative from F1 productions announced during a press conference at Deansgreen Hall.

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